LGD-4033 is one of the most powerful and effective legal drugs for building muscles. Its effectiveness is comparable to oral anabolic and androgenic steroids, however, unlike steroids, it has minimal side effects.

The only possible (depending on the state of the body and other factors) undesirable effect occurs when using high doses and is expressed in a decrease in testosterone production in the body, but it is incomparably weaker and less pronounced than when using steroids. The coefficient of testosterone suppression directly depends on the doses of the drug.

It is also worth noting that testosterone level recovery after taking Ligandrol is faster than after taking AAS, due to the fact that despite a decrease in FSH, endogenous free and total testosterone production LH (luteinizing hormone) is not reduced, which allows you to quickly and smoothly bring testosterone levels back to normal, i.e. the so-called "pit" after the course is minimal, which allows you to keep the muscle mass gained. However, at high doses, post-course therapy should be conducted.

The effects of taking Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

Ligandrol is an oral non-steroidal drug that gives results similar to steroids. The drug affects cells selectively: it helps anabolic muscle growth and bone strengthening instead of affecting the sebaceous glands and prostate.

A very valuable property of Ligandrol is that it does not lead to an increase in the level of estrogen and cortisol, and also due to its high selectivity (ARS) allows you to achieve a strong anabolic effect with minimal androgenic effects (Ligandrol has a ratio of anabolic and androgenic activity of 10:1, and many steroids have 1:1).

Positive properties of Ligandrol:

  1. Selectively attaches to tissues.
  2. Increases muscle mass.
  3. Increases the relief of muscles.
  4. Increases endurance.
  5. Increases muscle activity.
  6. Reduces body fat.
  7. Retains muscle mass during the course of "fat burning" (the drug has a strong anti-catabolic effect).
  8. Strengthens bone tissue.
  9. Promotes rapid recovery of muscle fibers.
  10. Improves blood circulation.
  11. Does not cause water retention in the body.
  12. Non-toxic in the liver.
  13. Does not react to liver enzymes.
  14. Is not addictive and does not affect the PSA level.
  15. Has minimal side effects.


Negative consequences. The use of Ligandrol may cause:

  1. Reducing the level of "good" HDL cholesterol (high-density lipoproteins).
  2. Temporary decrease in FSH and free testosterone levels.
  3. Temporary decrease in the level of endogenous testosterone.

Ligandrol course and how to apply

The dosage of LGD-4033 depends on the goals set. The half-life of the drug is 24-36 hours, therefore the entire dose should be taken at 1 time. The drug is used to solve the following tasks:

For building muscles:

The daily dosage is:

- 10 mg for athletes weighing up to 80 kg. The duration of the course is 6-12 weeks.

- 15-20 mg for athletes weighing more than 80 kg. The duration of the course is 8-12 weeks.

Take the drug every day after breakfast.

To achieve high results, it is necessary to increase the daily intake of proteins (at least 3 g per 1 kg of body weight), consume enough calories, as well as have intensive workouts with large weights, and then you will be pleased with the results! In practice, it has been proven that in compliance with the above recommendations, the athlete gained 8 kg of weight in a 10-week course, out of which 6 kg are muscle mass!

Do I need PCT (post-course therapy)?

Although Ligandrol has practically no side effects, however, at high doses, a temporary decrease in FSH and free testosterone is possible, therefore, after the course, it is recommended to have a half-course therapy to quickly restore testosterone levels in the body to maintain the gained muscle mass.

If you stop taking the drug without PCT, the hormone level will return to normal by day 52.

This drug belongs to the SARMs group, which has low anabolic activity and does not require PCT – Andarol.

Can women use Ligandrol?

Ligandrol has mild androgenic side effects, therefore women can use it. In case of side androgenic effects, the dosage of the drug should be reduced.